Create Personal Projects or Invest in Shared Business Ownership Through Crowdfunding

BizzBudd is a powerful crowdfunding platform which allows individuals to create personal projects or invest in franchises or startup business to become shared owners or participate in live-hosted event profit sharing. Our unique business concept will literally allow thousands of poor, middle-class or well-off entrepreneurial minded person to invest in one of hundreds of well-established franchises or a completely new startup business to share in ownership and profits.


Participate in BizzBudd's shared franchised ownership program which allows Shared Franchise Business ownership through crowdfunding. No previous ownership or experience is required, Bizzbudd does all the work including setting up and appointing highly-skilled general managers to help run a successful franchise business. For more information. CLICK HERE!

Create a new startup or purchase an existing business. Alleviate some of the financial burdens by offering investors the opportunity to share ownership in the business. We'll create a twelve tier investment program that will allow anyone interested in the startup to invest in the endeavor and become part owner and share in the profits. For more information CLICK HERE!

Share in the profits of your next hosted event, be it a seminar, trade show, sporting event or live concert. Each year thousands of entrepreneurs host live events to rake in their share of this annual billion dollar industry. Let BizzBudd crowdfund your next event and allow other like-minded individuals help front some of the financial costs associated with putting on such an event.  For more information CLICK HERE!